To build a legacy of excellence

Eastwork Constructions


Our innovation services continue to evolve alongside technology’s exponential growth. EWC aims to be pioneers in construction and project development and are actively pushing our people, our projects and our industry forward with today’s most exciting emerging technologies to deliver on the needs of our clients.

Turnkey Projects

Stage 1 - Preliminary Discussion

  • Planning

  • Selection of Architect

  • Coordination with the Architect

  • Budget planning

  • Plan Finalization

Stage 2 - Civil Work Execution

  • Taking Consultants on Board for MEP Services

  • Coordination with Architect & Consultants

  • Execution of Superstructure

Stage 3 - Finishing

  • Finalisation of Finishing Materials

  • Vendors

  • Sourcing of Materials

  • Coordination with Different Agencies for Finishing

  • Handling Material on Site

  • Payment Coordination

  • Bill Checking

  • Quality Monitoring as per Specifications

  • Delivering the Final Product as per the Timeline

We assure the clients a good experience all through your construction journey.


We take up sizeable renovations for our esteemed clients.
Though it’s a very challenging job as compared to a new construction work, we try to minimize the inconvenience to the clients and thrive hard to achieve the desired result as per the situation.

Post Care

As every product needs a maintenance & post care, we assure our best services in this too.
Our post-care aims to ensure that the completed project meets the client's expectations and continues to perform optimally over time. It involves rectifying any defects, providing ongoing support and assistance, evaluating user satisfaction, and promoting sustainable operations.